How to Remove Glitter Tattoos at Home: A Complete Guide

Glitter tattoos may seem like harmless fun for events, but their stubborn sparkly residue can overstay its welcome. When you’re ready to remove glitter tattoos, it takes some work to break down the cosmetic adhesives and lift all the specks.

This guide covers simple methods for banishing temporary glitter tattoos from skin.

Read on for how to remove glitter tattoos at home, how glitter ink adheres, the safest DIY removal techniques, tips for avoiding damage and scarring, and when to seek professional help for permanent glitter tattoo removal.

How Glitter Tattoo Adhesive Works

Glitter tattoos use layers of strong bonding agents to adhere decorative sparkle:

Stencil Layer – A hypoallergenic stencil outline is applied to define the design.

Adhesive Layer – Liquid cosmetic-grade adhesive is brushed on to act as a glue.

Glitter Layer – Ultra-fine glitter flakes in various colors are pressed into the wet adhesive.

Sealing Layer – A final sealant is added on top to smooth and set the glitter.

This layering of products bonds the glitter firmly to skin for dramatic but temporary effect. The adhesive sticking power makes glitter tattoos challenging to fully remove.

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DIY Removal of Glitter Tattoos

While tenacious, most glitter tattoos will gradually wear off skin with effort using these gentle DIY removal methods:

Baby Oil – Massage mineral or baby oil into the glitter to break down adhesive and loosen flakes. The oil dissolves the glue bonding.

Rubbing Alcohol – Use a cotton pad soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol to rub over the tattoo, taking care around eyes. This helps dissolve the adhesive.

Hot Water – Run the tattoo under hot water while scrubbing gently with a washcloth. The heat and moisture loosens the glitter and stencil layers.

Exfoliating Scrub – Gently buff away adhesive and specks using a paste of baking soda and water or sugar and olive oil. Avoid harsh commercial scrubs.

Adhesive Remover – Use a mild adhesive remover or oil-based makeup remover to breakdown glue with cotton swabs. Never pull off glitter patches.

Soaking in Oil – For larger tattoos, soak the area in baby oil for 10 minutes then gently wipe away residue with a soft cloth.

Repeat Efforts – Removing all residue generally requires repeating methods like hot water, alcohol, or scrubbing over several days.

Avoid harsh acetone or nail polish remover as these can burn skin. Never peel off chunks of dried glitter tattoo as this can tear skin. With consistent gentle effort, glitter comes off safely.

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Tips for Avoiding Skin Damage

Because glitter tattoo removal requires moderate scrubbing, be cautious to not inflict damage:

Never Pull Chunks – Peeling off pieces of dried glitter tattoo pulls up skin layers and causes injury.

Do Not Scrub Red Areas – If skin gets inflamed or raw during removal, stop immediately and give it a rest.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals – Skip caustic ingredients like pure acetone that irritate and burn skin.

Be Extra Gentle On Face – Use only light pressure and avoid scrubbing around delicate eye areas to prevent scarring.


Stop If Painful – Remove glitter tattoos gradually over days rather than pushing damaged irritated skin.

Moisturize After – Once all residue is gone, apply healing ointment and keep skin hydrated as it recovers from repeated efforts.

See A Doctor If Wounded – If skin is significantly torn or damaged, seek medical care to prevent lasting marks.

With care and gentle handling, glitter tattoos can be removed without adverse effects beyond temporary soreness and redness.

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When Glitter Tattoos Need Professional Removal

In some cases, glitter tattoos are purposely created with more permanent ink or adhesive:

– Permanent Adhesive – Some body art experts use medical-grade glue to affix glitter or rhinestones for longer wear.

– Implanted Glitter – Micro-crystals may be implanted under the skin using a hypodermic needle to create permanent sparkle.

– Permanent Ink Outlines – A permanent tattoo outline is done first with the glitter or rhinestones embedded into the fresh ink.

For glitter tattoos using permanent adhesives or inks, DIY removal is not possible. Seeking professional help is crucial.

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How to Get Permanent Glitter Tattoos Professionally Removed

Only a trained technician can tackle permanent glitter tattoos:

– Laser Removal – Q-Switch lasers successfully shatter and remove stubborn implanted inks and embedded micro-crystals.

– Saline Removal – Injections gradually flush out semi-permanent glitter pieces from skin over time through osmosis.

– Deep Peels – Medical grade acid peels strip away glitter-adorned skin layers. New skin regenerates underneath.

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Dermabrasion – Abrasion under anesthesia sands away decorative glitter to deeper layers where ink sits. This is less common today due to scarring risks.

No matter the technique, the goal is carefully disturbing the area enough to dislodge embedded particles but not so much as to cause lasting damage. Multiple sessions are always needed for full removal.

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The Takeaway: How to Remove Glitter Tattoos at Home

In this article, we’ve discussed how to remove glitter tattoos. Here’s a summary of everything we’ve said.

Glitter tattoo removal takes persistence and care to gently slough away strong cosmetic adhesives.

With caution not to tear skin, home methods like hot water, baby oil and gentle scrubbing lift regular temporary glitter ink over several days.

For implanted permanent glitter, always seek professional removal to avoid scarring. With the right approach tailored to your specific glitter tattoo type, you can sparkle-free your skin.


Glitter Tattoo Removal FAQs


How long does it take to fully remove a glitter tattoo?

DIY methods remove temporary glitter tattoo adhesive and residue in 3-5 days. Professionally removing implanted permanent glitter requires 4-8 sessions over months.

What is the easiest way to get rid of glitter tattoos?

Hot water to loosen adhesive, followed by gentle scrubbing with baby oil or baking soda paste is typically the easiest, safest DIY glitter tattoo removal method.

Can you use nail polish remover to remove glitter tattoos?

Avoid nail polish remover, especially acetone, as it can burn and irritate skin. Use milder alcohol or oil-based makeup removers instead.

Is there a glue remover for glitter tattoos?

Yes, look for mild adhesive removers safe for skin, or even oil-based makeup removers, to gently dissolve glitter tattoo glue without damage.

Can you pick off glitter tattoos?

Never pick at glitter tattoos as this can tear skin. Always soften the adhesive first then gently rub away flecks to avoid damaging skin.

How do you remove implanted glitter tattoos?

Implanted permanent glitter requires professional removal methods like lasers or deep chemical peels to safely disturb the skin enough to dislodge the embedded crystals.

Does putting glitter tattoos in water help remove them?

Yes, soaking glitter tattoos in warm water helps soften and detach the adhesive for easier removal. Just avoid pulling off big chunks.

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