Do Pawn Shops Take Tattoo Equipment? What to Know Before Selling or Buying

Do Pawn Shops Take Tattoo Equipment

Tattoo artists make significant investments in professional equipment like tattoo machines, power supplies, and needles. But financial hardships arise at times for anyone. Some artists facing money issues turn to pawning their gear for quick cash. On the flip side, budget-conscious tattooers may look to pawn shops for discounted used equipment. This raises the key … Read more

Why Do Tattoo Artists Wrap Their Machines? Exploring This Essential Practice

Why Do Tattoo Artists Wrap Their Machines

In a tattoo shop, you’ll notice artists carefully wrapping their tattoo machines in plastic after use. But why do tattoo artists wrap their machines? This wrapping keeps the equipment hygienic and functional. This article explores why tattoo machine wrapping is so important. We’ll look at how it prevents contamination, preserves machine performance, signifies professional standards, … Read more