Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Comparing a Leading Rotary Pen to the Newcomer

Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2

The Dragonhawk Atom is one of the tattoo industry’s most popular rotary pens, loved by artists for its affordable price and smooth performance. But now a new challenger has arrived – the Solong Atom J2 pen machine from rival brand Solong Tattoo.

How does this newcomer compare to the tried-and-true Dragonhawk Atom?

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll see how the Atom and Atom J2 stack up on features, capabilities, and value for money.

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Read on to learn which is the reigning rotary pen champion!


Dragonhawk Atom and Atom J2

First, let’s briefly look at each tattoo machine:

– The Dragonhawk Atom is the affordable and proven rotary pen that’s been a staple of tattoo artists for years. It delivers professional-grade performance on a budget.

– The Solong Atom J2 is a new rotary pen machine released in 2022. It offers upgraded features and comes from China-based Solong Tattoo.

The Atom has years of reputation behind it while the Atom J2 is the fresh upstart. But how do they actually compare in real world use? Let’s dig in to find out!

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Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Design and Construction

First up is the physical design and build quality of these pens:

Weight – The lightweight Dragonhawk Atom weighs just 0.63 lbs. The Solong Atom J2 is fractionally lighter at 0.6 lbs.

Dimensions – Both share compact dimensions – the Atom at 7 x 1.4 x 2.2 inches and Atom J2 at 7 x 1.4 x 2 inches.

Body Materials – The Atom uses aluminum alloy while the J2 utilizes an aluminum-magnesium alloy metal frame.

Comfort – Their curved ergonomic grips make both pens comfortable to hold during long tattooing sessions.

Quality – Precision machining gives both tattoo machines a finely crafted feel and long lifespan.

Winner? Tie – With nearly identical dimensions and weight using metal frames, the Atom and Atom J2 finish neck and neck when it comes to quality construction.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Motor Performance

It’s the motors that truly determine tattooing performance:

Type – Both are powered by high-quality rotary motors rather than electromagnetic coils for quieter operation.

Power Supply – They each use a built-in rechargeable battery, providing cordless convenience.

Motor Origin – Dragonhawk equips the Atom with a Swiss motor while the Atom J2 uses a Korean rotary motor.

Speed – The Atom has a fixed speed while the Atom J2 allows adjusting from 100-180 strokes per minute.

Precision – For smoothness and precision, the finely tuned Atom motor excels. But the Atom J2 motor matches it for accuracy.

Winner? Tie – The Atom offers fixed speed while the J2 provides adjustability. But both deliver excellent rotary motor performance for sharp, consistent tattooing.

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Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Features and Controls

The features and controls of a tattoo pen affect ease of use:

Dragonhawk Atom Features:

– Digital voltage display
– Lightweight at just 0.63 lbs
– Ergonomic grip design
– Air vents for motor cooling
– Battery life of 4-6 hours

Atom J2 Features:

– Bright OLED digital display
– Nearly as lightweight at 0.6 lbs
– Rubberized grip for comfort
– Advanced motor cooling
– Battery lasts up to 8 hours

Winner? Atom J2 – With its OLED screen, upgraded cooling, longer battery life, and other improvements, the Atom J2 provides a nicer feature set vs the Atom.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Performance and Capabilities

When it comes to actual tattooing capabilities, here’s how the pens compare:

Line Work – For clean linework, both pens perform admirably thanks to smooth rotary power.

Shading – The Atom lays down solid shading. But the J2’s adjustable speed offers an edge for gradual shading control.

Color Packing – Vibrant color packing is possible with either pen. The Atom J2 motor allows expertly saturating even the lightest colors.

Consistency – The needles move consistently with both pens for uniform ink deposition. The J2 may have slightly better line consistency.

Precision – Both provide excellent precision. The Atom J2’s motor control seems to offer marginal improvements in accuracy.

Winner? Atom J2 – While the Atom delivers solid performance in all areas, the Atom J2’s tunable speed and precision give it an edge for detail-oriented tattoo artists.

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Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Noise Level and Comfort

An important factor for clients is noise output during operation:

Vibration – With rotary motors, both pens produce minimal physical vibration.

Sound – The Atom generates under 55 dB while running. Impressively, the Atom J2 operates at around 50 dB.

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Comfort – Thanks to their muted sound and vibration, both machines offer a comfortable tattoo experience. The J2 seems slightly quieter.

Winner? Atom J2 – The Atom J2’s noise dampening makes it incrementally quieter in use vs the Atom pen machine. Your clients will appreciate the nearly silent operation.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Maintenance and Durability

Keeping any tattoo machine working well involves proper care:

Cleaning – Both pens feature a stainless steel body that’s easy to sanitize after sessions.

Assembly – Tool-free assembly and breakdown makes cleaning straightforward with both the Atom and Atom J2.

Motor Lubrication – Every 6 months, both motors should be re-greased to maintain smooth performance.

Lifespan – With regular upkeep, both the Atom and J2 provide years of frequent use. The Atom may last slightly longer.

Winner? Tie – Nearly equal in maintenance needs, the Atom and Atom J2 both only require basic cleaning and lubrication for ongoing performance.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Portability

For tattoo artists on the move, portability is essential:

Weight – At 0.63 lbs, the Dragonhawk Atom is extremely lightweight and portable. The Atom J2 shaves off a mere 0.03 lbs.

Size – The compact 7 inch length of both pens allows them to fit into any bag or kit.

Cordless – No cords to plug in enhances mobility with both rotary machines. They can work anywhere.

Travel – Optional plastic carry cases are custom-fit for securely transporting each pen.

Winner? Tie – With negligible weight and size differences, the Atom and Atom J2 are equally portable. Both easily travel anywhere artists need to tattoo.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Atom J2: Pricing and Value

With the features and performance compared, let’s look at the pricing and overall value:

– Dragonhawk Atom  – Check out the price on Amazon 

– Atom J2 – Check out the price on Amazon

The Atom J2 costs a bit more than the affordable Dragonhawk Atom. The question is whether the upgrades justify the higher price.

– For buyers on a budget, the Atom provides better pure value by delivering quality performance at a lower price point.

– Artists who appreciate premium features will find the Atom J2 worth the extra investment.

Winner? Atom – While the Atom J2 boasts improvements, the Dragonhawk Atom still provides outstanding value and quality for tattoo artists on a tighter budget.


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Final Verdict: Which Pen Reigns Supreme?

With this detailed comparison of dragonhawk atom vs atom j2 complete, which rotary tattoo machine comes out on top?

The Dragonhawk Atom remains the best choice if:

– You want reliable quality at an affordable cost
– Don’t require upgrades like display and speed control
– Need a proven tattoo pen on a budget

The Atom J2 is the superior choice for artists who:

– Demand the latest features like an OLED screen
– Will utilize the variable stroke speed
– Appreciate improvements in noise levels and precision

For most buyers, the time-tested Dragonhawk Atom still can’t be beat for accessible quality at a reasonable price point. But the Atom J2 makes a strong case too with extras like variable speed control, quieter operation, and extended battery life.

In the end, you can be confident choosing either rotary pen machine. But for pure value, the Dragonhawk Atom still comes out on top as the reigning affordable tattooing champion!

Hopefully this guide makes it easier to decide between the Dragonhawk Atom and newcomer Atom J2.

Let me know if you need any other tattoo supply recommendations!


Dragonhawk Atom vs Solong Atom J2 Side-by-Side Comparison

SpecsDragonhawk AtomSolong Atom J2
PriceClick to Get the Price on Amazon Click to Get the Price on Amazon
Motor Type Swiss Rotary Korean Rotary
Motor SpeedFixed Adjustable
Weight0.63 lbs0.6 lbs
Length 7 Inches7 Inches
Battery Life4 - 6 Hours Up to 8 Hours
DisplayVoltage OnlyOLED Screen
Noise LevelUnder 55 db50 db
Value Best Budget Value Upgraded Features


FAQs on Dragonhawk Atom Vs Atom J2 by Solong


How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?

The Dragonhawk Atom takes around 2-3 hours for a full battery charge. The Atom J2 can charge from empty to full in just 1.5 hours.

What kind of needles can these rotary pens use?

Both the Atom and Atom J2 are compatible with all standard needles from 1RL to 12RL sizes. They also work well with bugpin and magnum needle configurations.

Do the pens come with a power supply?

No, both the Atom and Atom J2 use a built-in rechargeable battery that is charged via USB cable. No separate power supply unit is included or required.

How should I clean and maintain the machines?

Disassemble and wipe down with isopropyl alcohol after each use. Re-grease the motor every 6 months. Avoid getting moisture in the electrical components.

Is one pen better for lining versus shading?

Both can excel at either task. But the Atom J2’s speed control makes it especially adept at gradual shading while the Atom is great for moderate shading and lining.

What is the warranty for the Dragonhawk Atom pen?

Dragonhawk provides a lifetime warranty on the Atom against defects in materials and workmanship when purchased new.

Which machine would work better for cosmetic tattoos?

The Atom J2’s precision speed adjustments make it the optimal choice for eyebrows, eyeliner or lip blushing tattoos that require highly controlled application.

Let me know, in the comments, if you have any other questions about choosing between the Dragonhawk Atom and Solong Atom J2 tattoo machines!

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