Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast: Comparing Two Top Tattoo Pens

Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast

If you’re in the market for a high-quality tattoo pen, the Dragonhawk Atom and Dragonhawk Mast are two fantastic options to consider. Both of these tattoo machines from Dragonhawk deliver professional-grade performance for tattoo artists.

But should you get the Dragonhawk Atom or go with the Dragonhawk Mast?

In this detailed comparison guide, I’ll break down the key specs, features, and performance of each pen-style tattoo machine so you can decide which is better for your tattooing needs and budget.

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Dragonhawk Atom and Mast

First, let’s take a quick look at how the Atom and Mast tattoo pens compare:

– The Dragonhawk Atom is an affordable rotary pen machine that runs quietly and with less vibration for smoother tattooing. It’s lightweight, portable, and offers versatile performance for lining, shading, and coloring.

– The Dragonhawk Mast is Dragonhawk’s premium tattoo pen, equipped with a more powerful Japanese motor, larger ink capacity, and advanced features like a digital display and stroke speed control. It’s built for top professional use.

Both the Atom and Mast pens allow you to tattoo without being tethered to a power supply, providing excellent mobility and control. They’re designed to feel comfortable in your hand during long tattoo sessions. And they provide the smooth, consistent results expected from high-end tattoo machines.

Now let’s dig into the details on how they compare in terms of design, features, performance, and value!


Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast: Design and Build Quality

The physical design and construction of a tattoo machine impacts its comfort, durability, and overall quality. Here’s an overview of the Atom and Mast’s designs:

Weight: The lightweight Atom weighs just 0.63 lbs. The Mast is heavier at 1.1 lbs.

Dimensions: The Atom measures 7 x 1.4 x 2.2 inches while the Mast is larger at 7.5 x 2 x 2.5 inches.

Body materials: The Atom uses an aluminum alloy body while the Mast features an aluminum-magnesium alloy for extra durability.

Comfort: Both pens have ergonomic grip designs to reduce hand fatigue. The Mast’s larger size may feel more comfortable for some artists.

Build quality: Dragonhawk utilizes high standards of machining and construction on both pens. But the Mast edges out the Atom with its premium materials.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast

With its heavier duty metal body and larger size for comfortable control, the Mast has the edge when it comes to design quality and durability. But the Atom remains impressively built, especially given its lower price point.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast: Motor and Performance

The motor and overall performance capabilities are what really make or break a tattoo machine. Here’s how the motors compare between the Atom and Mast:

Motor type: Both use powerful rotary motors, providing quieter and more controlled operation than coil machines. Rotary allows shading and lining with one machine.

Motor origin: The Atom uses a Swiss motor while the Mast relies on a high-end Japanese motor known for smoothness and reliability.

Power supply: They’re powered by a built-in battery rather than a cord. This allows for maximum mobility while tattooing.

Stroke speed: The Mast offers an adjustable stroke speed from 0 to 140 times per minute, controlled through the digital display. The Atom runs at a fixed speed.

Needle compatibility: The pens work with needles from 1RL to 12RL as well as magnums. The Mast is built for larger configurations like 14RL needles.

Precision: Benefitting from its Japanese motor, the Mast delivers extremely precise needle movement and unparalleled smoothness.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast


Thanks to its adjustable stroke speed and meticulously engineered Japanese motor, the Mast achieves noticeably better performance perfect for professionals. The Atom still performs well but can’t match the tuning capabilities and precision of the Mast.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast: Features and Customization

The features and settings of a tattoo machine also contribute to the user experience. Here’s an overview of the Atom and Mast’s capabilities:

Dragonhawk Atom Features

– Digital voltage display
– Rotary motor
– Lightweight at 0.63 lbs
– Ergonomic grip
– Air vents keep motor cool
– Battery life of 4-6 hours

Dragonhawk Mast Features

– Bright OLED screen
– Display shows motor speed
– Speed adjustment from 0 to 140 SPM
– High-torque Japanese motor
– Large ink capacity
– 8-10 hour battery life
– Anti-slip grip

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast

With its fully digital display, speed control, larger ink capacity, and extended battery life, the Mast provides a much more customizable and user-friendly tattooing experience. The Atom’s simpler feature set gets the job done but the Mast offers elite professional capabilities.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast: Pain Levels and Noise

An important job of any tattoo artist is to minimize the pain and discomfort felt by clients during sessions. Here’s how the Atom and Mast compare in these areas:

Vibration: Both rotary machines operate with very little vibration. But the higher-end Mast motor achieves even smoother, steadier needle movement.

Sound: The Atom generates under 55 dB of noise while running. Impressively, the Mast produces only 45 dB thanks to its precision Japanese motor.

Pain levels: Due to their light vibration and quiet operation, clients will experience less pain with either pen vs a traditional coil machine. The Mast likely provides the most comfortable tattooing experience.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast

With extremely minimal noise and vibration, the Mast delivers the most comfortable and least painful tattooing – your clients will appreciate the buttery smoothness its motor provides! The Atom also performs quietly with low vibration, but the Mast edges it out.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast: Cleanup and Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your tattoo machines running smoothly. Here are some key factors for the Atom and Mast:

Assembly/disassembly: Both allow for easy assembly and breakdown for cleaning. The Mast gives quicker access to the motor.

Ink leakage: Their sealed bodies prevent messy ink spills and leakage while operating or transporting them.

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Body cleaning: The stainless steel on both wipes down easily between sessions. The Mast’s larger body is a bit easier to clean.

Motor maintenance: Re-greasing the motors every 6 months will keep both running like new. The Mast’s motor is extremely durable.

Winner: Tie

For cleaning and maintenance, it’s very even between the Atom and Mast.

Both machines are designed for quick disassembly and easy cleaning. With good technique, either one will provide thousands of hours of smooth performance.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast: Portability

For a tattoo artist on the move, portability is key. Here is how these tattoo pens compare:

Weight: At just 0.63 lbs, the Atom is extremely lightweight and easy to pack along to any session. The larger Mast weighs 1.1 lbs.

Size: Measuring 7 inches long, the Atom fits into nearly any bag or case. The Mast measures 7.5 inches in length.

Cordless: No cords means you can easily use these pens wherever you need – on the go, at events, home studio, etc.

Travel case: Dragonhawk sells optional plastic travel cases custom-molded to securely hold either machine.

Winner: Dragonhawk Atom

Weighing nearly half as much as the Mast, the Atom is the clear winner when it comes to portability. It packs extreme tattooing power into a supremely lightweight pen-style body. The Mast is still portable but the Atom is exceptional for mobile artists.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast: Pricing and Value

With all factors considered, price can often drive the final purchasing decision. Here is how the Atom and Mast are priced:

– Dragonhawk Atom price: Check out the price on Amazon

– Dragonhawk Mast price: Check out the price on Amazon

Being the premium model, the Mast costs just over twice as much as the already affordably-priced Atom. That’s quite a price gap between the two.

Based on the benefits and performance, here is an overview of the value each provides:

– The Atom delivers impressive quality and reliability on a budget, making it the top value choice.
– The Mast justifies its higher price through premium power and precision, making it the top professional choice.

So the Atom offers the best bang for buck while the Mast is worth the price for artists who rely on elite performance.

Winner: Dragonhawk Atom

While the Mast is an incredible machine, the Atom punches far above its weight class given its bargain price. For shop owners on a budget or new artists, the Atom provides tremendous value without sacrificing too much quality.


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Final Verdict: Which Tattoo Pen is Better for You?

In the end, choosing between the Dragonhawk Atom and Dragonhawk Mast ( that is dragonhawk atom vs mast) comes down to your needs and budget as a tattoo artist.

The Dragonhawk Atom is the best option if:

– You want reliable quality at an affordable price
– Maximum portability and light weight is important
– You’re a new or part-time artist on a budget

The Dragonhawk Mast is the best option if:

– Only top-level professional performance will do
– You need the smoothest possible motor
– Advanced control and customization features are required
– You tattoo full time and depend on your machine

Both are excellent rotary pen tattoo machines. For most buyers, the Atom hits the sweet spot of quality and value. But professionals who want an unmatched machine will appreciate the Mast.

Hopefully this detailed comparison of the Dragonhawk Atom vs Dragonhawk Mast helps you select the best tattoo pen for your needs. Both deliver smooth, consistent performance – you really can’t go wrong with either Dragonhawk model.


Dragonhawk Atom vs Mast Side-by-Side Comparison

SpecsDragonhawk AtomDragonhawk Mast
PriceClick to Get the Price on Amazon Click to Get the Price on Amazon
Motor Type Swiss RotaryJapanese Rotary
Motor AdjustabilityFixed Speed Variable Speed
Weight 0.63 lbs 1.1 lbs
Size7 x 1.4 x 2.2 in7.5 x 2 x 2.5 in
Battery Life4 - 6 hours 8 - 10 hours
Display / ControlsVoltage onlyOLED screen w/ speed
Noise LevelUnder 55 db45 db
Stroke SpeedFixed0 - 140 SPM Variable
Value Best for AffordabilityBest for Performance


FAQs on Dragonhawk Atom Vs Mast Tattoo Pens

How long will the battery last on a full charge?

The Atom is rated for 4-6 hours of continuous use per charge while the Mast will run for 8-10 hours at full power before needing to be recharged.

What needles can I use with the Dragonhawk pens?

Both the Atom and Mast are compatible with needles sizes from 1RL to 12RL. The Mast can also handle larger configurations like 14RL needles.

How should I clean and maintain my Dragonhawk tattoo pen?

Disassemble the machine and wipe down the body with isopropyl alcohol after each use. Re-grease the motor every 6 months. Avoid submerging the entire pen in fluids when cleaning.

Can the speed be adjusted on the Atom pen?

No, the Dragonhawk Atom operates at a fixed motor speed that’s optimized for shading and lining. Only the Mast model offers adjustable stroke speed from 0 to 140 SPM.

Do the pens come with a power supply?

No, the major benefit of these machines is that they are totally cordless! The built-in battery powers them. You just need to recharge via USB after extended use.

What needle configurations work best in the machines?

The versatile rotary motors allow you to use lining, shading, and coloring needle configurations from 1RL up to 12RL sizes. For large magnum needles, the Mast is recommended.

How durable are Dragonhawk’s tattoo machine frames?

Both pens feature a metal construction that will stand up to heavy daily use. The Mast does use higher grade metals for improved lifespan under frequent tattooing conditions.

Do they come with a warranty from Dragonhawk?

Yes, all Dragonhawk tattoo machines are covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Can the pens be used for cosmetic tattooing?

Absolutely! The precise needle movement makes both the Atom and Mast excellent for eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip blushing tattoos. They provide the control needed for permanent makeup applications.

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