Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Choosing Between Two Top Tattoo Pens

If you’re a tattoo artist searching for a top-tier pen machine, the Dragonhawk Mast and Dragonhawk Mast Tour are two fantastic options to consider. 

A fierce battle for supremacy, Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour.

Dragonhawk Mast and Mast Tour are popular tattoo machine power supplies. The Dragonhawk Mast is a cost-effective choice with digital voltage control, suitable for most artists.

In contrast, the Mast Tour offers portability and advanced features, making it ideal for travel and conventions.

The decision depends on your budget and the need for advanced capabilities or compact design in your tattooing equipment.

Both of these high-end tattoo pens from Dragonhawk deliver professional-grade performance for flawless lining, shading, and coloring.

But what’s the difference between the standard Dragonhawk Mast and the Mast Tour edition? And which one is the better choice for your tattooing needs?

In this in-depth guide, I’ll compare the key features, capabilities, pros and cons of the Dragonhawk Mast and Mast Tour pens.

After reviewing everything both machines have to offer, you’ll have all the details to decide which advanced Dragonhawk pen is right for your tattoo kit.

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Let’s dive in!


An Overview of Dragonhawk’s Mast Tattoo Pens

First, let’s look at what sets apart Dragonhawk’s standard Mast and Mast Tour tattoo pen machines:

The Dragonhawk Mast is Dragonhawk’s flagship tattoo pen machine loved by professionals for its premium Japanese motor and advanced control. It’s their standard top-tier model.

– The Dragonhawk Mast Tour is a limited-edition tattoo pen based on the Mast. It offers special features like an adjustable grip, enhanced motor, and unique design accents.

Both pens provide extremely precise application thanks to their specialized rotary motors.

They allow tattooing without being tethered to a power supply for maximum mobility. The Mast Tour takes the Mast’s capabilities even further in some areas.

Now let’s get into the details on how these two premier tattoo pens from Dragonhawk compare when it comes to design, performance, features, and more!


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Body Design and Construction

The physical design and build quality of a tattoo machine impacts its handling, comfort level, and durability under frequent use. Here is an overview of how the Dragonhawk Mast and Mast Tour pens compare in terms of construction:

Weight: The Mast Tour weighs slightly more at 1.27 lbs vs 1.1 lbs for the regular Mast model.

Dimensions: Both share compact dimensions of 7.5 x 2 x 2.5 inches. The Tour is marginally thicker.

Body Materials: The Mast uses an aluminum-magnesium alloy frame while the Tour uses lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum for enhanced durability.

Comfort: The Tour model features an adjustable grip span for personalized comfort. Both pens utilize an ergonomic grip shape to reduce hand fatigue.

Quality: As Dragonhawk’s premium pens, both are machined to tight tolerances and clearly built for longevity despite heavy use.

Winner: Tie – The Mast Tour offers a grip adjustment feature but otherwise both pens are equivalently designed for comfort, quality, and durability during hours of daily tattoo work.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Motor Performance and Precision

The capabilities of the motor are what truly define how a tattoo machine performs. Here is how the Mast and Mast Tour motors stack up:


Motor Type: They both use Dragonhawk’s specialized Japanese rotary motors for quiet, consistent performance. Rotary allows excellent lining and shading with one tool.

Power Supply: A rechargeable battery built into each pen provides cordless, mobile power. No bulky power supply required.

Stroke Speed: The standard Mast runs at 0-140 SPM. The Tour increases the max stroke speed to 0-160 SPM for faster applications.

Motor Precision: Thanks to their Japanese engineering, both the Mast and Tour deliver extreme precision and fluid needle movement. The Tour motor seems marginally more exact.

Consistency: The rotary motors in both pens ensure smooth, consistent needle movement without sudden jerks or catches during intricate tattoo work.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast Tour – With its boosted max stroke speed and noticeably enhanced motor precision, the Mast Tour finishes first when it comes to pure motor performance. But both deliver outstanding rotary power.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Features and Controls

The features and controls of a tattoo machine impact the overall user experience. Here is an overview of the capabilities each Dragonhawk pen provides:

Dragonhawk Mast Features:

– Bright OLED screen
– Motor speed display
– Speed control from 0-140 SPM
– High-torque Japanese motor
– Large ink capacity
– 8-10 hour battery
– Anti-slip grip

Dragonhawk Mast Tour Features:

– Larger full-color touchscreen display
– Expanded 0-160 SPM speed control
– High-performance Japanese motor
– Adjustable grip span
– Special edition Toxic Purple colorway
– Engraved serial number
– 10-12 hour battery

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast Tour – With its upgraded full-color touchscreen, grip customization, boosted speed capacity, unique design accents and other enhancements, the Mast Tour provides a more premium experience versus the already well-appointed Mast model.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Voltage Tuning Capabilities

Having the ability to fine tune the voltage output to suit your needs is critical for dialing in a tattoo machine’s performance. Here is how the voltage control of the Mast and Tour pens compares:

Mast Voltage Control: Offers precise 0.1 volt increments from 3v to 10v for finding your ideal voltage for each tattooing technique.

Mast Tour Voltage: Provides the same excellent 0.1v adjustments as the Mast but expands the upper range to 3v to 12v for increased adjustment flexibility.

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Responsiveness: Thanks to smart electronics, voltage changes on both pens immediately impact needle movement for responsive tuning.

Tuning Precision: The highly granular 0.1v increments allow surgically dialing in the exact voltage needed for specialized needle configurations and tattooing techniques.

Winner: Tie – Both the Mast and Mast Tour enable smoothly adjusting voltage in tiny 0.1v increments for unmatched power tuning. The Tour model simply expands the upper voltage range slightly.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Noise Level and Vibration

For both the artist and the client, a machine that operates quietly and smoothly is ideal for several reasons:

Vibration: Both pens produce extremely minimal physical vibration during operation thanks to their precision rotary motors.

Noise Level: The Mast generates under 45 dB of audible noise when running. Impressively, the Tour model further reduces sound to 40 dB.

Comfort: Clients report an easier, more relaxing tattoo experience thanks to the pens’ ultra-low noise and vibration levels.

Artist Comfort: Minimal vibration reduces fatigue on the artist’s hands over long lining or shading sessions.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast Tour – With noticeably quieter operation and similar lack of vibration, the Mast Tour provides the most soothing tattooing experience for both artists and clients.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Stroke Depth and Needle Compatibility

Having broad needle compatibility provides greater versatility for different tattooing techniques. Here is how the pens compare:

Stroke Depth: Both machines allow excellent control over needle depth penetration into the skin, thanks to their specialized motors. The Tour model seems to provide marginally better stroke depth control.

Needle Sizes: The standard Mast works smoothly with tattoo needles ranging from 1RL all the way up to 14RL sizes. The Tour model can handle even larger 15RL magnum needles with ease.

Liner Needles: Each pen can handle liner needle configurations from 1RL to 6RL sizes for precision line work.

Shader Needles: For packing in color or crafting smooth gradients, shader needles from 8RS on up work flawlessly in the Mast and Tour machines.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast Tour – Thanks to improved stroke depth control and the ability to handle 15RL needles, the Mast Tour offers expanded needle compatibility to enhance your tattooing capabilities.

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Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Weight and Portability

For tattoo artists who tattoo on-location or travel between shops, portability is key. Here is how the pens’ weights and designs factor into mobility:

Weight: The standard Mast weighs 1.1 lbs. The Tour model tips the scales at 1.27 lbs due to its enhanced motor and larger display.

Size: When packed away, both pens measure around 7.5 inches in length for easy transportation.

Cordless: No power cords to connect provides exceptional mobility. Just grab your pre-charged pen and go.

Case: Both models include a protective aluminum carrying case that holds everything securely. The cases keep the pens safe in transit.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast – While both are compact and portable thanks to their cordless design, the lighter standard Mast model carries a bit easier than the bulkier Mast Tour edition. But the difference is marginal.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Ease of Maintenance

Like any tattoo machine, proper maintenance keeps performance smooth and prevents down time. Here is how the pens compare when it comes to upkeep:

Assembly/Disassembly: Both pens allow tool-free breakdown in seconds for cleaning access thanks to smart construction.

Parts Replacement: Consumable parts like grips, needles, and nozzle assemblies swap out effortlessly on both models.

Body Cleaning: The polished stainless steel bodies of each pen just need a quick wipe down with isopropyl alcohol between clients.

Motor Lubrication: Every 6 months, both motors should be re-greased using a specially formulated tattoo machine lubricant to keep things running smoothly.

Winner: Tie – The Mast and Mast Tour are equally well engineered for quick and simple maintenance. Just basic cleaning and occasional lubrication keeps either pen running smoothly for years.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: Battery Life

Having your cordless pen stay powered all day is crucial for uninterrupted tattoo sessions. Here is how the battery performance stacks up:

Standard Mast Battery Life: Approximately 8-10 hours of running time per full battery charge. Enough for even marathon sessions.

Mast Tour Battery: Lasts an estimated 10-12 hours on one charge thanks to battery refinements. Gives you added insurance during extra long days.

Recharge Time: Both pens recharge from empty to a full battery in around 2 hours. Quick charging prevents down time.

Battery Indicator: Each pen displays remaining runtime so you know when charging is required before a day’s work.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast Tour – With 2 extra hours of battery life per charge, the Mast Tour lets you keep tattooing longer without having to stop to recharge thanks to its enhanced battery efficiency.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour: pricing and Value Factor

With all capabilities weighed up, pricing often affects the final purchasing decision. Here’s how the pens are priced:

Dragonhawk Mast Price: Here’s the price for the pen only

Here’s the price for the complete Dragonhawk Mast kit

Dragonhawk Mast Tour Price: Here’s the price for the pen only.

Here’s the price for the complete Dragonhawk Mast Tour kit

When it comes to pure value:

– The standard Mast remains the best choice if top-notch quality at a reasonable price is needed.

– The Mast Tour justifies its cost with special-edition exclusivity and enhanced features.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast – While the Mast Tour takes performance up a notch, the original Mast provides pro-caliber engineering and construction at a more affordable cost point for workhorse performance.


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Final Verdict: Which Dragonhawk Pen is Right for You?

In the end of the epic battle between Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour, here’s my verdict.

Choosing between Dragonhawk’s Mast and Mast Tour tattoo machines comes down to your specific needs and budget as an artist:

The Dragonhawk Mast is the best choice if:

– You want renowned Dragonhawk quality for less
– The standard voltage range suits your tattooing style
– A lightweight and portable design is preferable
– You don’t need the Tour’s bells and whistles

The Dragonhawk Mast Tour is the better pick if:

– Only the highest precision and quality will do
– You want the latest enhanced Dragonhawk engineering
– The expanded voltage range is required for your techniques
– Limited edition exclusivity is worth the upcharge

Both the Mast and Mast Tour represent the pinnacle of Dragonhawk’s tattoo pen engineering. For most artists, the Mast will provide everything needed at a reasonable cost. But those who demand the ultimate tattoo machine performance will appreciate the Mast Tour edition upgrades.

Hopefully this detailed comparison of the Dragonhawk Mast vs Dragonhawk Mast Tour makes it easy to decide on the best Dragonhawk tattoo pen to equip your tattooing setup! Both will serve you flawlessly in the years ahead.


Dragonhawk Mast vs Mast Tour Side-by-Side Comparison

SpecsDragonhawk Mast Dragonhawk Mast Tour
PriceClick to see price on Amazon Click to see price on Amazon
Motor TypeJapanese RotaryEnhanced Japanese Rotary
Max. Speed0-140 SPM0-160 SPM
Voltage Control 0.1v increments (3v-10v)0.1v increments (3v-12v)
Weight1.1 lbs1.27 llbs
Noise LevelUnder 45 dB40 dB
Display OLED screenFull color touchscreen
Battery Life8 - 10 hours 10 - 12 hours
Value RatingExcellent value Justifies upcharge with exclusivity


FAQs About the Dragonhawk Mast Vs Mast Tour


What size needles can each tattoo pen handle?

The Mast accommodates needles from 1RL to 14RL sizes. The Mast Tour works with sizes 1RL to 15RL for extra capability with large magnums.

How long will the batteries last between charges?

The Mast battery lasts 8-10 hours per full charge while the Mast Tour battery will run for an estimated 10-12 hours before needing to be recharged.

Do the pens come with a power supply unit?

No, both the Mast and Mast Tour use an integrated rechargeable battery so no separate power supply is included or required to operate them.

What is the difference between the motors?

Both use high-end Japanese rotary motors, but the Mast Tour motor is a special refined edition developed by Dragonhawk to offer increased precision and lower noise operation.

Which machine is better for lining versus shading?

Either pen excels equally at both lining and shading work thanks to their precise rotary power. Both allow great versatility whether outlining tattoos or packing in color.

What size needles work best for color packing?

Larger shader needles from 10RS to 14RS will provide the best results when saturating and packing vibrant colors into the skin. The Mast Tour can even accommodate 15RS magnum needles.

How should the pens be cleaned?

Disassemble and wipe down the stainless steel body with isopropyl alcohol after each use. Remove any excess ink and debris. Re-lubricate the motor periodically.

Where is Dragonhawk located?

Dragonhawk is located in Ontario, California in the United States. Their tattoo machines and supplies are made and shipped from their facility in Ontario.

What stroke is the mast tour?

The Dragonhawk Mast Tour tattoo pen has an adjustable stroke length ranging from 2.5mm up to 4.5mm, allowing artists to customize the stroke to their preference.

Is mast a good tattoo brand?

Yes, Dragonhawk is widely considered one of the best and most trusted professional tattoo machine brands. Their Mast and Mast Tour pens represent their top-tier tattoo pen offerings.

What speed is Dragonhawk mast pen?

The standard Dragonhawk Mast tattoo pen has an adjustable speed range from 0 to 140 strokes per minute. This allows controlling speed for different tattooing techniques.

What is the stroke Length of the Dragonhawk mast tour?

The Dragonhawk Mast Tour has an adjustable stroke length ranging from 2.5mm up to 4.5mm. This expanded range gives more stroke length flexibility.

Are tattoo pens rotary or coil?

Dragonhawk’s Mast and Mast Tour pens use rotary motors. Rotary motors operate more smoothly and quietly than coil tattoo machines. They excel at both lining and shading.

What voltage should a mast tattoo pen be?

The recommended voltage range for the Mast and Mast Tour pens is 3 Volts to 10 Volts. Adjust in 0.1 volt increments to find your ideal voltage for the needles and technique being used.

Is Dragonhawk mast wireless?

Yes, the Dragonhawk Mast and Mast Tour pens are wireless and do not require being plugged into an external power supply. Their integrated battery allows cordless operation.

How do you use a Dragonhawk mast tattoo pen?

Select your needle. Set your voltage and speed. Sterilize the machine. Grip the pen keeping your wrist straight and get to work! The pen does not require any special technique versus other rotary tattoo machines.

Let me know, in the comments, if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

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