Unleash Your Awesome Tattooing Potential: Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast Performance and Features Compared

If you’re looking to equip your tattoo setup with a high-performance pen machine, the Dragonhawk S4 and Dragonhawk Mast should be at the top of your list.

Here’s the epic battle between two top tier tattoo machines; “Dragonhawk S4 Vs Mast”.

Both of these professional-caliber tattoo pens from Dragonhawk provide exceptional capabilities for flawless lining, shading and color packing.

But what’s the difference between Dragonhawk’s S4 and Mast models? How does the newer S4 compare to the tried-and-true Mast pen? And which one is ultimately the better choice depending on your tattooing needs and budget?

After reading this extensive comparison guide between the Dragonhawk S4 and Mast, you’ll have all the details needed to confidently decide which of these two premium Dragonhawk pens is right for you.

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Let’s dive in!


An Overview of Dragonhawk’s S4 and Mast Tattoo Pens

First, let’s briefly look at what sets apart Dragonhawk’s S4 and Mast tattoo pen machines:

– The Dragonhawk S4 is Dragonhawk’s latest rotary pen model. It offers upgrades like a brushless motor and longer battery life. The S4 represents a new generation of Dragonhawk pen.

– The Dragonhawk Mast is Dragonhawk’s workhorse professional tattoo pen loved by artists for years. With its robust construction and Japanese-made motor, it delivers proven quality and performance.

Both the S4 and Mast allow cordless operation thanks to their built-in batteries. They provide precise application for crafting perfect tattoos. But the S4 brings next-gen enhancements while the Mast offers time-tested reliability.

Now let’s compare these two top-of-the-line Dragonhawk pens in depth across all the key factors!


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Design and Build Quality

The physical design and construction of a tattoo machine impacts its handling, comfort level, and durability. Here is an overview of how the S4 and Mast pens compare:

Weight: The S4 weighs slightly less than the Mast at 1.05 lbs vs 1.1 lbs respectively. A marginal weight difference.

Dimensions: Both share compact dimensions of around 7.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Nearly identical size and footprint.

Body Materials: The S4 uses an anodized T6 aluminum frame while the Mast relies on an aluminum-magnesium alloy metal construction.

Comfort: Each pen includes an ergonomic grip section allowing you to tattoo for hours without hand strain or fatigue.

Quality: As flagship Dragonhawk models, both the S4 and Mast demonstrate exceptional build quality and attention to detail.

Winner: Tie – With extremely similar size, weight and construction using durable metals, the S4 and Mast finish even when it comes to design execution and quality. Both represent Dragonhawk’s best.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Motor Performance and Precision

The motor is the core component defining the performance capabilities of a tattoo machine. Here is how the motors compare between the S4 and Mast pens:

Motor Type: The S4 uses a high-torque brushless DC motor. The Mast relies on Dragonhawk’s proven Swiss-made Maxon brand brush DC motor. Both provide smooth rotary power.

Power Supply: Each pen has an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery for untethered, cord-free operation. No bulky power supply needed.

Stroke Speed: The S4 boasts an upgraded max speed of 0-180 SPM compared to 0-140 SPM on the Mast model. Faster potential stroke rates on the S4.

Precision: The S4 motor may have a slight edge in pure precision thanks to its next-gen brushless design. But both deliver impressive needle accuracy for crisp lines.

Consistency: The rotary design ensures consistent, fluid needle movement during intricate tattooing work whether using the S4 or Mast pen.


Winner: Dragonhawk S4 – Thanks to its cutting-edge brushless motor boosting max speed up to 180 SPM, the S4 finishes slightly ahead of the Mast in terms of sheer motor performance parameters. But both excel.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Features and Capabilities

The features and controls of a tattoo machine also factor into its functionality. Here is how the S4 and Mast pens compare:

Dragonhawk S4 Features:

– Full color LCD touchscreen
– Display shows real-time SPM speed
– Speed control from 1 to 180 SPM
– High-torque brushless motor
– Improved cooling system
– Up to 10 hours runtime per charge
– Slide grip for finger rest

Dragonhawk Mast Features:

– Sharp OLED display
– Motor speed info on screen
– Speed adjustable from 1 to 140 SPM
– Precision-tuned Swiss Maxon motor
– Proven core cooling system
– Up to 8 hours runtime per charge
– Original grip design with finger rest

Winner: Dragonhawk S4 – With upgrades like a full color touchscreen, expanded speed control, next-gen brushless motor, and extended battery life, the S4 pulls ahead of the Mast when it comes to features and capabilities. But the Mast still impresses.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Voltage Tuning Adjustments

The ability to fine tune operating voltage is essential for customizing a tattoo machine’s performance. Here is how voltage control compares between the pens:

S4 Voltage Control: Offers incremental voltage adjustments from 3 to 12 volts in precise 0.1 volt increments for total control over machine performance.

Mast Voltage Control: Provides the same exact 0.1 volt tuning increments as the S4 but over a narrower voltage range from 3 to 10 volts.

Responsiveness: Thanks smart sensitive electronics, voltage changes impact needle performance immediately on both pens.

Tuning Precision: The 0.1 volt increment tuning provides unmatched voltage control for specialized techniques and needle types. Both pens enable this surgical adjustment capability.

Winner: Tie – The only difference is the S4 allows expanding the maximum voltage ceiling higher than the Mast. Otherwise, both provide industry-leading 0.1v tuning precision for dialing in your ideal voltage.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Noise Level and Vibration

For both artists and clients, a machine that runs quietly and smoothly is more comfortable during long sessions:

Vibration: With rotary motors, both the S4 and Mast produce minimal physical vibration during operation.

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Noise Level: The Mast generates under 45 dB of noise. Impressively, the upgraded S4 further reduces audible noise down to 40 dB.

Comfort: Thanks to their muted sound and lack of vibration, both pens offer a relaxing tattoo experience. The S4 may have a slight comfort edge.

Winner: Dragonhawk S4 – With the next-gen upgrades in its brushless motor, the S4 operates a bit more quietly compared to the already hushed Mast pen. But both excel for smooth performance.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Stroke Depth and Needle Compatibility

The ability to handle diverse needle sizes adds to a tattoo machine’s versatility. Here is how the two pens compare:

Stroke Depth: Both the S4 and Mast give you excellent control over needle protrusion depth into skin. The S4 allows marginally finer stroke depth adjustments.

Needle Sizes: The Mast accommodates needles ranging from 1RL to 14RL. With its upgraded motor, the S4 can handle sizes from 1RL all the way up to large 17M magnums.

Lining: Each pen effortlessly handles liner needle configurations from 1RL to 6RL for precision linework.

Shading: For smooth shading and saturating colors, shader needles from 8RS on up work equally great in both machines.

Winner: Dragonhawk S4 – Thanks to expanded needle compatibility up to 17M and enhanced stroke depth control, the S4 pulls slightly ahead of the Mast when it comes to handling diverse needle sizes. But both excel in their range.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Weight and Portability

For artists who work on-location, low weight and portability are essential. Here is how the two pens compare:

Weight: The S4 shaves off a little heft coming in at 1.05 lbs vs the 1.1 lb Mast. A minor weight difference.

Size: Both measure around 7.5 inches long when packed away. Compact and portable.

Cordless: No cord equals exceptional mobility. Just grab your charged pen and go without outlet limitations.

Case: Both models include a protective aluminum carrying case to safely transport all components. Durable and TSA-friendly.

Winner: Dragonhawk S4 – With slightly reduced weight in a matching compact size, the S4 enjoys a marginal portability advantage over the equally travel-friendly Mast pen. But both are designed for mobility.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Ease of Maintenance

Proper maintenance keeps a tattoo machine running smoothly for years. Here is how the S4 and Mast pens compare:

Assembly/Disassembly: Both allow tool-free breakdown in seconds for cleaning and lubrication access. Smartly engineered.

Part Replacement: Consumables like grips, needles, and nozzle assemblies swap out easily on the pens thanks to their thoughtful construction.

Body Cleaning: The polished stainless steel finish on both wipes down cleanly between clients using isopropyl alcohol.

Motor Care: Each motor should be re-lubed every 6 months using a high-quality tattoo machine oil to maintain smooth performance.

Winner: Tie – Thanks to their well-designed breakdown access both the S4 and Mast make component upkeep a breeze. Just basic maintenance keeps either pen running like new.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Battery Life

Sufficient battery life to work cord-free all day long is essential. Here is how the battery performance of each pen compares:

Mast Battery Life: Approximately 8 hours of runtime per charge. Enough for even very long sessions.

S4 Battery Life: Up to 10 hours of operation on a single full charge thanks to battery refinements. Provides extra insurance during marathon days.

Recharge Time: Both pens recharge from empty to full in around 2 hours. Quick recharging prevents downtime.

Charge Indicator: Each pen displays remaining runtime so you know in advance when recharging is required.

Winner: Dragonhawk S4 – With battery life extended up to 10 hours between charges, the S4 allows you to keep working longer without interrupting sessions for recharging thanks to its improved battery efficiency.


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast: Pricing and Value Comparison

With the features and performance weighed up, let’s look at the pricing and overall value of each premium Dragonhawk pen:

Dragonhawk S4 Price: Here’s the price for the Dragonhawk S4 pen.

Here’s the price for the Dragonhawk S4 complete machine, battery, accessories kit.

Dragonhawk Mast Price: Here’s the price for the Dragonhawk Mast pen.

Here’s the price for the Dragonhawk Mast Tattoo Kit, complete machine, battery and accessories kit

Given its next-generation upgrades, the S4 is reasonably priced. But both are priced as premium tattoo pens.

When it comes to pure value:

The standard Mast remains the best choice if you want industry-leading quality for less.

– The S4 justifies its price with its new proprietary motor and extended features.

Winner: Dragonhawk Mast – While the S4 certainly impresses, the Mast still reigns supreme for delivering Dragonhawk’s proven tattoo pen engineering at a good price point. But the S4 advances the technology.

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Final Verdict – Which Dragonhawk Pen is the Ideal Choice?

With this comprehensive Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast comparison complete, which of these two premium tattoo pens claims the title as the best choice?

The Dragonhawk Mast is the better option if:

– You want Dragonhawk’s renowned quality for less
– The standard 3-10V voltage range suits your style
– Time-tested reliability is preferred over next-gen upgrades

The Dragonhawk S4 is the superior pick if:

– You always demand the latest and greatest technology
– You need the highest attainable precision
– The expanded 3-12V voltage range is required
– Longer battery life is important for all-day sessions

For most buyers, the Mast will continue providing its legendary precision, reliability and value. But those on the cutting-edge will appreciate the S4’s brushless motor and other next-generation enhancements.

Either Dragonhawk pen will serve as an exceptional professional tattoo machine for years to come. But the Mast retains an advantage in terms of striking the ideal balance of quality and value. The S4 pushes the technology envelope further.

Hopefully this detailed comparison review makes choosing between Dragonhawk’s finest pen machines much easier.

Both the S4 and Mast represent the pinnacle of Dragonhawk’s engineering prowess and commitment to tattoo industry excellence.

Let me know, in the comments, if you need any other tattoo machine recommendations or advice!


Dragonhawk S4 vs Mast Side-by-Side Comparison

SpecsDragonhawk S4 Dragonhawk Mast
PriceSee price on Amazon See Price on Amazon
Motor Type Proprietary Brushless DCSwiss Maxon Brush DC
Max. Speed 1-180 SPM1-140 SPM
Voltage Control 0.1v increments (3-12V)0.1v increments (3-10V)
Weight 1.05 lbs1.1 lbs
Noise Level 40 dBUnder 45 dB
Display Full color touchscreenOLED Display
Battery Life Up to 10 hoursUp to 8 hours
Value Rating Justifies premium pricingBetter value for money


FAQs On the Dragonhawk S4 and Mast


What size needles can each Dragonhawk pen handle?

– The Mast accommodates needle sizes from 1RL to 14RL.
– The S4 handles sizes from 1RL up to large 17M magnum needles.

How long will the battery last between charges?

– The Mast battery provides around 8 hours of runtime per full charge.
– The upgraded S4 battery lasts up to 10 hours per full charge.

What is the difference between the Dragonhawk motors?

– The Mast uses Dragonhawk’s proven Swiss Maxon brush DC rotary motor.
– The S4 features a next-gen proprietary brushless DC motor developed by Dragonhawk.

Which one is better for lining versus shading?

Both the S4 and Mast allow excellent versatility for lining, shading, coloring and more thanks to their specialized rotary power.

What speed should I run the Dragonhawk pens at?

– The Mast can be adjusted from 1 to 140 SPM (strokes per minute).
– The S4 has an expanded speed range from 1 to 180 SPM.

How often should I lubricate the Dragonhawk pens?

It’s recommended to lubricate both the S4 and Mast motors about every 4-6 weeks using a light tattoo machine oil to maintain smooth performance.

Which pen is better for traveling artists?

The S4 weighs slightly less than the Mast, making it the preferable option for travel and portability. But both pens are designed for mobility.

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