The Art of the Deal: Solong vs Dragonhawk Tattoo Kits for Beginners 

Solong vs Dragonhawk Tattoo Kits for Beginners

Selecting the right starter tattoo kit is a high-stakes decision for any aspiring artist. The tools you learn with can determine whether your talent sinks or swims. Here are some simple tattoo design beginners can work on to improve their skill.

That’s why I thoroughly researched the Solong and Dragonhawk kits, comparing critical features like machines, inks, power supplies, training content, and long-term value. So let’s get to our challenge, Solong vs Dragonhawk tattoo kits.

In my opinion, the Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit prevails as the wiser investment for novices seeking a robust package with room to grow, despite the slightly higher price tag.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of what’s included with both kits so you can make the fateful choice like Mia with full confidence.

When it comes to tattoo deals, going with Dragonhawk means getting the most creative bang for your buck.

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Solong Complete Tattoo Kit


– Solong Penguin rotary tattoo machine
– Lightweight aircraft aluminum frame
– Advanced Japanese coreless motor
– Digital power supply with foot pedal
– Affordable price under $100


– Only 1 rotary machine included
– Small 5mL ink bottles
– Minimal accessories and no training

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Penguin Rotary Machine:
– Aircraft aluminum casing
– Japanese coreless motor
– Minimal noise and vibration
– Rubber grip for easy handling

Power Supply:
– 0-10V adjustable voltage
– LED indicator light
– Heavy duty foot pedal

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10 Color Inks:
– Essential colors in 5mL bottles
– Black, white, red, yellow, green, etc.

– Power cables
– 1 clip cord
– Basic instructions

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Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit


– Dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine
– Digital power supply with variable voltage
– 2 bonus traditional coil machines
– 22 ink colors, tips, and gloves included
– Training eBooks and online academy access
– Budget friendly price


– Manual could be more thorough
– Short power cord

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Rotary Tattoo Machine:
– Lightweight alloy frame
– Minimal noise & vibration
– Can run 4-6 hours continuously
– Great for shading & lining

Coil Machines (2 bonus):
– Precision copper coils
– Durable engraved steel
– For old-school technique
– Speed & stroke adjustment

Power Supply:
– Bright LED voltage display
– 0-12V adjustable voltage
– Sturdy aluminum housing
– Foot pedal operation

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22 Ink Colors:
– 15mL black, white, red, yellow, etc.
– Vivid professional-grade inks
– Nitrile gloves & cups included

– 2 steel grip tubes
– 10 needle bars
– 1 finger ring
– Cables
– Manual & course access

Training Resources:
– Setup & tuning eBook
– Shading technique eBook
– Online training videos


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Comparing the Key Components:


The Tattoo Machines

The Solong kit only includes their Penguin rotary tattoo machine, which features a lightweight aluminum frame and Japanese motor for smooth performance.

The Dragonhawk kit provides 3 machines – the Dragonhawk rotary pen plus 2 bonus traditional coil machines. This allows for learning multiple modern and old-school tattooing styles as a beginner.

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The Power Supply

Both feature digital power supplies adjustable from 0-10V minimum. Dragonhawk’s expands up to 12V for finer voltage control. The supplies themselves are very comparable.

The Ink Selection

Solong includes 10 essential colors in small 5mL bottles. You may need to source additional inks fairly quickly with this limited selection.

Dragonhawk provides 22 vibrant colors in ample 15mL bottles allowing for far more practice and work capacity as you get started.


The Solong kit contains just basic cords and instructions. Dragonhawk includes gloves, cups, practice skin, eBooks, and online course access – extremely helpful for novices.

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Training Materials

One of Dragonhawk’s biggest advantages is the inclusion of training eBooks, videos, and access to an online tattoo academy. Solong does not offer any educational content.

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The Solong Complete Tattoo Kit costs less than Dragonhawk making it very budget friendly.

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The Dragonhawk kit is priced at a still very reasonable considering the wider accessories and machine selection.

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The Bottom Line

For beginners focused strictly on affordability, the pared-down Solong kit delivers. However, when it comes to versatility, accessories, and learning value, Dragonhawk is easily the superior choice.



What’s included in the Solong tattoo kit?

The Solong kit contains 1 Penguin rotary machine, power supply, 10 inks, cables, grip, and instructions.

What’s in the Dragonhawk tattoo kit?

The Dragonhawk kit includes 1 rotary pen, 2 coil machines, power supply, 22 inks, accessories, training content, and online course access.

Which kit has more tattoo machines?

Dragonhawk includes 3 total machines, while Solong only has 1 rotary machine.

How many ink colors are in each kit?

Solong provides 10 colors in 5mL bottles. Dragonhawk offers 22 colors in 15mL bottles.

Does Dragonhawk provide educational resources?

Yes, Dragonhawk includes setup guides, technique eBooks, videos, and an online academy membership.

Does Solong offer training materials?

No, Solong does not include any eBooks, videos, or training resources.

I hope this detailed comparison helps you decide between Solong and Dragonhawk to start inking!

Let me know, in the comments, if you have any other questions.

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